Fedora 27 频繁崩溃的临时解决办法 Workaround of Fedora 27 Gnome Shell Crash

最新发布的Fedora 27桌面版,在某些情况下会频繁出现崩溃的情况。若崩溃,会跳转到用户登陆界面,并且你会丢失之前正在进行的工作,由此会导致数据丢失。
If you are using the new released Fedora 27 workstation, you may encounter random gnome shell crashes in many corner cases (i.e., when you try to login after a short-period suspend, or when you are typing in a Firefox input form. When the crash occurs, you loose or your unsaved work, as it returns to the login screen.

一个临时的解决办法是,在登陆界面中选择“运行于Xorg的Gnome”然后登陆。这种方式不会从根本上组织Gnome Shell崩溃,但是能够确保在Gnome Shell崩溃后不会丢失正在进行的工作,避免数据丢失。
A workaround to temporarily prevent dataloss is to select “Gnome on Xorg” when you login.


这是因为,Gnome默认运行于Wayland,这种方式下Shell本身其实是显示服务器,如果Gnome Shell崩溃,跟随其启动的进程随之都会被kill掉。而在Xorg模式下,在Shell崩溃时它会自动重新启动,用户看到的只是突然间窗口标题等消失,然后又重新出现。
When Gnome is running on Wayland, if Gnome Shell crashes, all the processes started by it are killed. However, when running on Xorg, all other processes are reserved and the shell is restarted.

更多信息请见发行说明:For more information, see: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Common_F27_bugs#shell-crash-wayland